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Midweek on the Wadden Sea
Sailing and photography in the heart of our Wadden region
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My Wadden weekend has been a great success for years. Due to the loss of a large number of photo trips by both Jan Smit and myself, we now want to organize a midweek together on the Wadden Sea and the Wadden Islands.


The Wadden Sea is a shallow sea with mud flats and sandbanks that dry up at low tide and is bordered by salt marshes and islands. Most of the Wadden Sea and the uninhabited islands is a nature reserve. During this workshop we come into the heart of a unique nature reserve. Many birds and almost certainly we also see many seals. (There are about 38,000 living in the Wadden region)

The concept of this midweek is the same as the weekend, only we can now cover a much larger area of ​​the beautiful Wadden Sea. The extra time now also gives us the opportunity to go off the ship and start photographing on the islands themselves.


This trip gives you a very good picture of a large part of our Dutch Wadden region in 5 days.

Our ship

The 'Larus' is a tough historical flat bottom. During these days she is our means of transport, our restaurant, our workplace and our accommodation. In good winds we will sail. With a 25 meter long flat bottom, that is an adventure in itself. We can cover a large part of the mudflats and determine our courses depending on wind, weather and tide. Naturally, the drying up is a phenomenon and we will do that quite a number of times. Walking on the seabed is always something special!

We will visit a number of islands where we will see other photographic subjects in front of the lens. On board you have ample time to select and edit your photos in, for example, Lightroom, Nik Plugins and the like. Bringing your laptop is therefore strongly recommended. Of course we will do a photo review to discuss the work done in a cozy and positive constructive atmosphere.


Jan Smit and myself will support you in all possible photographic areas!


Unfortunately, we still have to take into account the COVID-19 measures that RIVM advises. This means that everyone gets their own cabin. Unfortunately, this has the direct consequence that we can only take a fairly small group of people with us. If everyone gets their own cabin, that is max. 8 people.

Because there may also be interested people who want to share a cabin with each other, we give these people a discount of 75 euros per person.


Duration: Monday morning, September 28, 10 am to Friday afternoon, approx. 3 pm.

Costs: 995 euros pp. All meals and drinks are included. People who want to / can share a cabin receive a discount of 75 euros pp.

Included : Food and drink, accommodation, transportation and photographic guidance. (all-in)

Guidance: by nature photographers Jan Smit and Charles Borsboom .

Group size: The group size is min.7, max. 12 persons.

The ship : An option has been taken on the Larus, a comfortable 24 person. two-master with 8 cabins (4 x 2 pers. and 4 x4 pers.). A spacious kitchen, cozy common room, 2 showers & 2 toilets.

Level : Suitable for all levels and for all types of (digital) cameras.

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