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Nordic Vision Photo Tours

These are difficult times for me but also for Nordic Vision and  the colleagues. In any case, I am glad that I was able to accompany the trips to La Palma and to Siberian Lake Baikal this year without any problems.

Fortunately, my autumn looks well filled, assuming we can travel again. In September I will travel to Iceland as a 2nd supervisor with colleague Theo Bosboom. After returning home  me a week later  for the first time with a group to the  Siberian Altai. Connecting  I travel on to China to start a few days later with the now 'golden old' photo trip  to China's Badain Jaran desert and the graphic fishing landscape of Xiapu . All trips are fully booked and of course it would be for everyone  would be very nice if these trips can continue!
For the participants because they have great trips ahead of them and for us (Nordic Vision and myself) because we love photography and like to take people to these fantastic destinations.  So fingers crossed!!

However, my next trip planned is to Northern Ireland . This one  was until recently on the agenda for 31 May - 6 June.

That's a while away you might say, but when KLM canceled our tickets last week it was clear, no Northern Ireland trip next June.

Northern Ireland  can now also be called a real 'golden oldie', this year I would perform it for the 6th time. Because it is a pity to delete it completely now, it has been decided to postpone the trip to the week of November 6 - 12. November may not seem so obvious at first glance  but looking at the statistics e.g. the number of rainy days is not  so whole  different from other months. Of course the temperatures are lower than in June but our expectation is that the ocean and the landscape will be at least as spectacular  are for us as photographers. With the nice side effect of very few tourists 🙂.
The shift to November does have the consequence that there are people who do not  willing or able to. Hopefully the 2021 edition will be an opportunity for them to come along to this beautiful place on the Antrim coast.


In any case, a few spots have become available again in November!

Are you interested in Northern Ireland in November,   then send  an email to Nordic Vision. If you want some more information, you can also call Ralph Goedhart or me.

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