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Online workshops

It will not have escaped anyone's attention. This Corona time is putting the concept of 'working from home' on the map at breakneck speed and this way of working (together) is suddenly being used in many disciplines.

Several people have asked me to give online workshops. It's something I've been thinking about for a while, but haven't really laid an 'egg' on it yet. An important reason is that I find interaction very important, educational and fun. 

But I found a solution for this!



What I don't want to do, because there are already a lot of them, is organizing the umpteenth webinar. Talking to a  group of listeners you cannot see and with whom you cannot have contact,  do not talk to me. If you do want this, you can find hundreds of webinars and videos with tips and explanations on YouTube, among others.


I find it much more pleasant to talk to each other while explaining, discussing, etc  be able to  can talk and discuss. You can also directly  respond to what is said, ask questions about things that are not clear. In short, a much more interactive approach suits me better and I think it also works better for the participants. 

I choose it  to work with a  small group of people where everyone is together  can see and hear. In this way I think that a workshop has the greatest return  gives and actually the most fun  is. 

My approach to this form of workshops can be summarized as follows.

  • small groups (max. 5)

  • Anyone can communicate with anyone,  image and sound becomes  Bee  each participant passed on;

  • When discussing images, an active,  constructive but also positive attitude is required.

I myself have the  next one  three  topics in mind  but if you have any other suggestion, please let me know!  


1) Photography general basics

Explanation of exposure, use of depth of field, etc. Less attention will be given to composition. This is really about the basic techniques so that afterwards you can operate the camera almost blindly and completely immerse yourself in watching and composing the image. In other words, you no longer use the camera in the 'P' position, but you fully understand what you are doing.

The workshop consists of 3 sessions. The times at which the sessions will take place will be determined in consultation. In the meantime, assignments will have to be done.

2) Photo review .

One  A very instructive way to learn to photograph well is to look at other people's images.  We are therefore going to discuss photos collectively here,  of yourself and of the other  Attendees. The focus is here  on a critical look at construction, composition, use of light, etc.  We do this in  4 sessions in which assignments must be carried out in the intervening time that  we'll discuss it again next time.  Basically I want to focus on Nature and Landscape Photography. That can be from macro to landscapes.  Abstract, mini-landscapes or  sweeping images, etc.  It  dividing 'types' of photography into boxes is difficult, so en  Other types of photography may also be discussed. However, I don't want portrait or studio photography etc  going to do.

3) Lightroom

During my photo trips I notice that many people have Lightroom on their computer, but they are still not very comfortable with it. That's why I think a  "Basic Knowledge Workshop  Lightroom" can be useful for many people. This mainly concerns topics such as; setting up a catalog properly, importing,  selecting, retrieving, editing and re-executing your images.

I think for the LR workshop  to 3 sessions.  If desired, a session of 'Nik plugins' can also be added  software' are added to this e-workshop.

What else

  • Lately you've been hearing a lot about privacy violations by the various programs used at  e-meetings. The Zoom program in particular is rather negative in the publicity, which is a shame because functionally it has a lot to offer. Nevertheless, I chose to implement  mine  e-workshops with the Cisco package Webex. Professional e-meeting software where security and privacy are guaranteed. Plus, it's free, not really a time limit, and easy to install.


  • To keep the workshops accessible  I have kept relatively low prices.  

  • All  sessions will last approximately 1 hour. In interactive workshops it is difficult to cut it with scissors, so there is a chance that it sometimes runs a bit.  


  • Incidentally, I also want to offer all e-workshops individually for those who feel that they come into their own better in a private workshop.


Are you interested ?
I hope  of course that the concept of e-workshops  will appeal to people. Do you find it fun and educational to work with a small group (individual is also possible!)  like-minded people to work on expanding your photographic knowledge then press the button below!

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