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Born (yes!) In 1959 in Delft.

Originally I was trained as a technical computer scientist. From a young age, there was always a passion for photography but purely as a hobby. My life changed in 1999. From behind the computer to a life behind the professional camera. Make a realization of the saying of your hobby your work. "A big step but one that I have never regretted".

In addition to being a photographer, I also worked as a (technical) editor for the magazine FOTOgrafie for quite some time.

Traveling has always been a passion and I have visited many great places over the years. A few examples are, all Scandinavian countries including Iceland and Greenland. Australia, UK, USA and Canada. Loosely to mention is Alaska where I once shipped my Toyota Landcruiser to go there for a few months 'into the wild'.

In 2005 I visited 'booming' China for the first time and since then I have been there almost every year. In 2011 I lived and worked in the Yangshuo countryside in the far south of China for a year. A beautiful time!

In 2013 I made my "TREES WATER SAND". This fine art book contains a large number of photos of the Badain Jaran Desert, a huge desert area in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia.


Recently I have "discovered" Siberia. A fascinating and immeasurably large area with the most fantastic nature.

In my workshops and guided tours I focus on the art of observing.


"It doesn't matter if it's people, street life or landscapes that are in your viewfinder, look carefully before you press that button."

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