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Below are experiences of participants in my photo trips and workshops. I deliberately left out names and dates of the trip so that people's privacy is guaranteed. The reviews regarding the photo trips are copies of the reviews on the website of Nordic Vision photo trips. In fact, these reviews are also addressed to NV as the organizing travel agent. The reviews here are in the language as originally written.

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Inner Mongolia, China
Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
La Palma, Spain
Northern Ireland
Burren, Ireland
Huangshan (Yellow Mountains), China
Tiengemeten - Workshop -
Wadden Sea - Workshop -
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Within Mongolia, China

“My feedback: a great trip!!!  The replacement of the days in Beijing by Rainbow Mountains, etc. was, in my opinion, a bull's eye and certainly makes the trip more interesting. If you want to do street photography in Beijing, you can easily do that by going earlier or staying longer.  The Badain Jaran desert was really the highlight of the trip. What an amazing place on earth, to photograph, but also just to be there.

The organization around this trip was absolutely perfect. Frank was a very nice Chinese guide who has his affairs in order and who had a good feel for our Western habits. Together with Charles (and Yvonne) everything went smoothly and we as photographers could only enjoy. The photographic guidance by Charles was also excellent and photo discussions were a nice addition to this trip. The places to stay varied from very sober to super-de-luxe and I just really liked that. The austere was no surprise and with that a really nice experience.  Once again my compliments to the organization.

In summary: I really enjoyed it and this trip is one of the best in my  (many) trips.


“It's been a few weeks since I was in China with my fellow photo travelers, here's a brief summary of what I thought of it.  What an unforgettably beautiful and fascinating journey it has become. Thank you for the preparatory work you have done together with Charles!  Of the many locations we visited, I found the sand dunes of Inner Mongolia the most impressive, and took many beautiful photos there.  It was a journey with many contradictions in terms of comfort and sanitary facilities, but we knew that and I already knew that from a previous time in China.  I really liked that it was a small group, with all the advantages that entails; fast transfers, no group formation within the group, etc.  Thanks again for the organization!”


“The three-week photo trip to China, Inner Mongolia and the extension to Yangshuo was, in one word, fantastic.

The variation in landscapes, urban areas and cultures has been able to satisfy my photographic hunger for some time.  My fascination for sandy deserts in particular drew me to the Badain Jaran, the sandy desert with the world's highest dunes and many small salt lakes.  After an exciting day in Beijing, the Danxia Landforms (Rainbow Mountains), the Pingshanhu Great Canyon, the Haisenchulu Park (craggy rock formations) and the visit to some Buddhist monasteries were extraordinary.
Transport, accommodation and meals were excellent. This is thanks to the good organization from Nordic Vision, the guidance of Charles (and Yvonne) Borsboom and the caring Chinese guide on site. Just at the beginning and end of the day there was plenty of time for shooting in low light. The group played well together. We laughed a lot, but also had serious conversations.

I also have a positive appreciation for the organization of the 'quiet' week in the south of China, the karst mountains near Yanshuo. From the rustic inn Outside Inn you could take walks and bike rides along the rice fields, the river and the typical villages. Also plenty of time for the bizarre markets, tea plantations, a ghost town and the unforgettable light show (Liu San Jie Impression) on the Li River.

The Badain Jaran has been the highlight of the trip for me. It will be difficult to find a sandy desert that has more to offer me from a photographic point of view.”




“We thought it was a fantastic trip with a nice group. We have already talked to Charles and he has already planned some changes for the upcoming trip to China. These changes are actually also our suggestions. We find Charles a relaxed and enthusiastic tour guide and would like to go with him again in the future.”


Let me start with the photo results: “I was able to get some fantastic photos. That exceeded my expectations.” Charles knows all the places that the journey will visit and knows where to be and at what time to shoot special images. The journey is well thought out and very varied, but also ambitious. If, like me, you like to photograph landscapes as well as people (work), you will enjoy yourself. Due to the intensive travel program you will experience new highlights every day! Transport was always well organized. The hotels and lodgings were generally excellent, often not just by Chinese standards. Occasionally it was a bit difficult, but we knew that in advance and gave the trip its own charm. Charles showed himself not only as a passionate photographer, but also as a great host with a great problem-solving ability. If you like to get off the beaten track and don't shy away from some adventure, this is a trip you should definitely take. China is a country that is undergoing enormous development at a rapid pace and thus gives room to the imagination.  And if anything that brings space and imagination together, it's the Badain Jaran desert.  You will not easily find another country where you can capture both the authentic and the rapid development so aptly. 

So I think I can learn a lot more from Charles and would love to go with him again.  


+ Great locations.

+ Quality of the food. Eating in small local tents.

+ Photo reviews that were done everywhere and nowhere.

+ Explanation about SilverEfex Pro and other packages.

+ Editing photos together with Charles.

+ The scenery totally lived up to expectations.

+ Very good driver in the desert. Fantastic 4x4 rides.

+ Both Charles and Yvonne did their very best to arrange everything well and to take care of the participants. 


Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia

The trip to Lake Baikal has been amazing. A feast to be there and to experience the "lonely" world. The cold and the empty landscape is something I will not soon forget. It made a big impression on me. The many ice sculptures and the ice crystals: so beautiful!


The preparation for the trip was very good. We knew what to expect. Sufficient prior knowledge about the expected cold, the locations and the food.  


The stay at the meteorological station was a highlight for me. Very remote and primitive: I wouldn't have missed it for anything.  


Charles' guidance was excellent. He knows the area well, is knowledgeable and laid back. He answers many questions and helps you where necessary. 

I loved the photo discussions under his leadership! He looks more or less with an eye for "art". What can you improve in a photo and why can this photo come across as stronger. I have learned a lot from these reviews.


The level of shooting of the other participants of the trip was high. They also taught me to look even better and to take the time to take a picture.


Natalie, our Russian guide was humorous. She knows the area like the back of her hand. Her children acted as interpreters and the driver drove excellently under sometimes difficult conditions.  


I can recommend this trip to Lake Baikal. For me it has become a photo trip in a very special environment, which has left many impressions.  


I had a very good trip to Lake Baikal. The nature there is really overwhelming.

So many types of ice cream. Especially the first two days I just didn't know where to start shooting. Too much beauty actually! I've enjoyed it.


The "hole in the ground" toilet was not easy. And I also found the absence of a shower for a few days difficult. But your info beforehand was very honest, so I was prepared for this. 

It wouldn't stop me from going again. I feel like I'm not done with Lake Baikal yet, so who knows next year....


Charles' guidance was excellent. He is very relaxed and doesn't worry about anything. That works great in a mixed group with sometimes outspoken personalities!


The information beforehand was excellent (I have experienced that differently elsewhere). I also experienced the meeting prior to the trip as very pleasant.


Hopefully I can book another nice trip with you in the future.


We got back from Russia just in time and meanwhile the world has become very different, unfortunately not better. If I could do magic, I would set the clock three months ahead tonight, not 1 hour.  


My commentary on the trip posted on the website is unchanged. I enjoyed it again insanely and wouldn't mind going again. That won't happen, but reminiscing about the photos will take years.  Charles is still my favorite tour guide.





“A really great photo destination and also a pleasure in terms of execution. Of course we were lucky with the weather, but thanks to the good tips in advance everyone was well prepared.  Taking a breather on the spot in Irkutsk is fun and also pleasant.  It's also good that we were on the road with local guidance. Natali + family and drivers: Good move; they know what they are talking about and that works fine. Friendly, helpful and hospitable. Definitely handy at that meteo station!  In terms of transport with 3 cars it was fine, because there is enough space.  The Russian food takes some getting used to. No complaints! Varied and all in all fine.

Charles' guidance was my first time and I hope not the last. He has a pleasant mix of enthusiasm for travel and photography, helping where needed and the expert view at the photo discussions and along the way are more than welcome. Takes the time for everything and with a little feeling as a participant for such a somewhat special trip, it goes more than smoothly.

In short: a highlight in the Nordic Vision portfolio!”


For me it was another great trip. The lead up to the trip was perfect and because of that good preparation I had everything I needed for that area. The trip itself was a big party. I've been able to capture ice in all those shapes and that's totally true. I could use from wide angle to macro lens.
The organization around the trip was also completely in order. Natalie who took us to beautiful photographic spots on the lake, Valentina who made everything clear in perfect English and cooked wonderfully. The whole Russian team radiated knowledge of the area and I felt 100% safe with it. And of course Charles's knowledgeable and extremely pleasant guidance was a guiding factor that made the trip accessible and fun for everyone. If there is one trip that I would like to do again because I enjoyed it so much, this is it. "


I could almost repeat my glowing critique of China, but it remains that Charles is a guide who knows how to choose his local guides time and time again. These are real toppers. I have been on many photo trips but Charles is the only one who does not take pictures himself but is permanently available to assist his clients with advice and assistance. During this trip I also learned new techniques from Charles. And if no one can use any help at all, he takes some great photos himself. "

Already looking forward to my next trip with Charles.


“First of all, thank you for including this special destination in the travel program together with Charles.  When you see the images again, you realize what a grand landscape it is. Magnificent views, ice in all kinds of special shapes, beautiful rocks, authentic Russian villages and excellent weather conditions. I especially thought the stay on Oklhon Island was fantastic, primitive but very beautiful.  Lunch and the walk through Khuzir were a nice break from the drive.
I sometimes found photographing quite difficult, because what and how do you put
  this in the picture now? Fortunately, we got advice from Charles when we needed it and you could share experiences with fellow travelers. The guidance of our Russian guides was excellent, experienced drivers, good meals and  they made a lot of effort to show us all the beautiful places around and on Lake Baikal. I definitely plan to go back again as it is a really fascinating place.”


“I want to thank you very much for offering this trip with Charles. The destination has been on my wish list for a long time and you have more than lived up to expectations. Beautiful landscapes under beautiful weather conditions supplemented with authentic village views. Even with macro photography I was able to indulge myself. I've had beautiful lichens and ice crystals in front of the lens.
The tour guidance by Charles was wonderfully relaxed. He was present where necessary, and those who did not need it could do their own thing. For me as a slightly more experienced photographer that is the perfect approach. Still, I was able to learn some things and I have never used my polarizing filter so often.
I also want to recall the accompaniment from the Russian side. They did a great job of making us feel comfortable. Hats off for the hard work. The meals they served us were simple but nutritious and during the shooting the coffee or tea was always ready to warm up. Always friendly and helpful.”


“I had a very nice trip to Lake Baikal! What a nature”


An experience to remember from start to finish. With a special thanks to  Ralph Goedhart  and  Charles Borsboom . 
Enjoyed great weather, great group and great motivated (locals) Natalie and Valetina who took us to very beautiful places.


For me it was a very successful trip under the expert guidance of Charles, Natali and Valentina

Nice and pleasant company. The "nice chat" during the meals, so you get to know the other participants better.

The van I was in was spacious and comfortable, you won't hear me complaining. 

Uzury was the best for me. The location and the delicious dishes that Natali prepared for us. The WC: "shelf with a hole", limited sanitary facilities, All this was also part of the adventure.


La Palma, Spain

"The photo trip to La Palma with Charles Borsboom went very well. The island has a very mild climate and is very photogenic because of all the volcanic rock and the black beaches that are there. Charles' guidance was great. He always showed us beautiful places where We were able to photograph to our heart's content. His way of guiding is very relaxed and he is very accessible. In short: a cozy and fun winter break in a beautiful location."


“Another wonderful photo trip! La Palma is a challenging location photographically. Black lava in combination with bright green plants, staying above the clouds and photographing the mountain peaks in the middle of the cloud mass, salt banks in the south, a beautiful walk to the crater of an active volcano! So much to photograph, time too short. This trip should last two weeks!! Not to mention the culinary aspect, great food in La Palma !!!! Thank you Charles for the super professional guidance and for the cozy restaurants !! It was a TOP trip.”


“We thought this was one of the most successful photo trips we have made with Nordic Vision. The guidance was excellent, inspiring and extremely pleasant. The group was also very pleasant during this week. Not a bad word about the accommodation and after a day or so everyone also found their place in the daily "work" regarding the catering. Having to take care of certain things yourself also immediately gives more solidarity, I think. The island itself and the photographic opportunities, a very successful trip.”


“We certainly had a great trip together. For me this was a first photo tour and it was a very positive experience. That is why I definitely see this type of travel in the future!”



“It was a successful trip for me. Charles is a passionate, motivated photographer who shared his knowledge with us.”


Northern Ireland

“The first time I went on holiday with Nordic Vision and immediately booked Northern Ireland and The Burren. The holidays are well organized and the period (two days) that fell between the two holidays was also well organised. Was able to ride with the accompanying photographer to the next holiday.  The B&B's I've stayed at were also good. The B&Bs also took my gluten allergy into account.  Saw two very nice areas and also two completely different areas. The two weeks have breathed new life into my passion for photography. Great photos taken and also sat in two fun different groups. Learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the areas. I would also like to thank the organization, the photographer and the group members for the great time.”


“The trip to Northern Ireland was my first group tour and specific photo tour.  I didn't know what to expect or if I would like this.  That doubt was completely unfounded. I liked this 110% and definitely tastes like more.
The environment is of course beautiful for landscape photography, but what the trip to
  a higher level was the relaxed guidance by Charles.  This helped to create an optimal atmosphere within the group.  It was also not the case that we often took the same photo in a row.  You were given a lot of freedom at the visited locations so that you had enough time to see the place  to get to know.  In short, for those who doubt… Book that trip!”


I had a fantastic trip. Northern Ireland is a beautiful country with very nice people who bake very tasty cakes. Charles has an indestructible good humor and an infectious sense of humor. I definitely want to travel with him again. I learned a lot from him about landscape photography that I can move forward with.”


  • The perfect organization and the personal approach of Ralph Goedhart

  • The participants meeting before

  • The relaxed, humorous and educational guidance of Charles Borsboom

  • The cozy group

  • The nice bed and breakfast

  • The good breakfasts, lunches and dinners

  • The beautiful photo locations

  • Have plenty of time to explore a location and photograph there at your leisure

  • The respectful and interesting photo reviews

  • On-site transport

made sure I thoroughly enjoyed the photo trip to Northern Ireland.


“I found the photography trip to Northern Ireland to be well organized in an interesting environment for photography. We were lucky with un-Irish good weather. Charles is a relaxed tour guide with whom I would like to go on the road again. The accommodation is also fine. Furthermore, I can only say that I thought it was a nice trip and that there is a good chance that I will want to go on one of your trips again next year.”


“What a beautiful country.  It was a beautiful trip, great photo opportunities and learned a lot from Charles and fellow travelers.”


It was once again a fantastic trip. There is something special about Northern Ireland, not only a very fascinating history, but also the nature and landscape are breathtakingly beautiful and unspoilt. Thanks to Charles's excellent knowledge of the region, we have always photographed in very beautiful places. 

It was a very nice group and a cozy b&b, excellent location and delicious breakfast and dinner. Thank you very much Charles for the professional guidance and the humorous touch you always manage to give to your travels. On to the next photo trip with Nordic Vision”  



This was my first trip with Nordic Vision and it definitely leaves me wanting more. Ireland is a beautiful country with beautiful nature, lots of peace and space. I loved being in nature all day and being so intensively involved with photography. The guidance from Charles was good, he gave examples and technical instructions in the field that made me  learned a lot again. The photo discussions (2 pieces) were also fun and inspiring. Because we mainly visited the Giant's Causeway several times, I was able to put what I had learned into practice. But the other locations were also beautiful and there was room for everyone's wishes. 

Furthermore, the group was pleasant, the organization excellent (with great attention to details) and the B&B authentic and cozy. In short, a successful trip!


“Just returned home after the photo trip to Northern Ireland. It was my first trip with Nordic Vision. I can't think of a single downside. Against the weather forecast it was perfect photo weather. The location of the B&B was beautiful, the group consisted of enthusiastic and tireless people and Charles' guidance was excellent. I learned a lot during this trip. He was observant, gave advice where needed and kept his distance where appropriate. And is also a very nice person. It certainly wasn't my last trip with Nordic Vision!”


“I enjoyed my trip and the people who were with me. Things were well arranged so that I could fully focus on photography. Nice, varied places were chosen where ample time could be taken to look for the right photo.”

“I can only say that I had a great time in Northern Ireland. The trip was very varied and I had a great time, I also found the B&B very pleasant.”



“I really had a wonderful trip. The weather also cooperated. I fully enjoyed the Giant's Causeway and the Dark Hedges, which is why I wanted to do the trip. I was also able to thoroughly enjoy other beautiful photography locations. A bunch of nice people in the group. I have experienced Charles as an excellent photographer, who was able to teach me a few tricks of the trade. I also experienced him as a very pleasant positive person. What more do you want then?”


“I really enjoyed the Northern Ireland trip. The company was ok and it was nice that the group was small. Charles Borsboom is a very nice and attentive tour guide/photographer. He arranged everything well and took everyone's wishes into account. He gave good feedback on the photos. The B&B was simple, but fine (room, bathroom and very nice people). The meals there were also very good and cozy.”


I found it a very nice trip. It was exhausting (;-), but luckily I still had 2 weeks off to recover….

The bed & breakfast was very good, great room, very nice ladies and delicious food.

The tour guide was also excellent and the program good, although at a certain point I did have a small saturation in terms of coastal locations. I would have liked something more in the woods.

The photo reviews (3 pieces) were  also fine.


It was for me the first time Nordic Vision and also the first time the phenomenon "photo tour". In the meantime I'm looking at what trip I'm going on next year. That says enough I think. My compliments also to Charles. I thought he showed the group around in a nice way. Only the van was an occasional challenge. The fully loaded van had a little trouble getting us over the Irish hills at times.


The B&B was very good with a fantastic view. And the food was extremely tasty. I can only think of one small area for improvement, but I don't think you can do much about that. I liked to keep in touch with friends and family through social media. There was wifi in the B&B, but you only had some coverage in the two living rooms and the dining room.


For the rest I would say "see you next year". Then I'll definitely be there again.


Burren, Ireland

The first time I went on holiday with Nordic Vision and immediately booked Northern Ireland and The Burren. The holidays are well organized and the period (two days) that fell between the two holidays was also well organised. Was able to ride with the accompanying photographer to the next holiday.  The B&B's I've stayed at were also good. The B&Bs also took my gluten allergy into account.  Saw two very nice areas and also two completely different areas. The two weeks have breathed new life into my passion for photography. Great photos taken and also sat in two fun different groups. Learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the areas. I would also like to thank the organization, the photographer and the group members for the great time.”


“Charles is a fun photographer with a good sense of humor. During the reviews he was critical, but always with the aim of learning something from it.  It also drove very well in left-hand traffic that most of us do  had to get used to.  In my opinion, the emphasis of the trip was perhaps a little too much on details and patterns in the landscape,  but on the other hand it also taught me to look at that more as a photographer.

The B&B was a great accommodation in a beautiful location. I even had a view of the Burren from my room.  I had a nice trip in good company.”


“Every day I think back with great fondness to the photo trip to The Burren in Ireland.  I really enjoyed the group and especially Charles, what a nice host…. well….. fellow traveler. He is an excellent tour guide, with a great sense of humor.  I especially like that we laughed a lot!  Learned a lot, of course, thanks to Charles' expertise.  Luckily I still have the pictures! The B&B was very good, pleasant to stay and good care!”


“Evaluation photo tour De Burren: Well….  Beautiful area. Lovely B&B with delicious breakfast. Everything was well organized on site by Charles. Is a very good driver. Excellent program with variation in the locations. We were given the time to quietly photograph the locations. He took all the time for advice and tips for everyone. Was able to explain things well. Nice way of photo discussion. And what is not unimportant, he is good with people and we laughed a lot in the evening in the group. It was a pleasant group.


And I learned new photographic opportunities. Eating somewhere different from the menu every night was great. Picked up some of the Irish atmosphere, even with live music. Conclusion: very nice photo trip and inspiring for my further photographic development.”


“Charles is an accessible tour guide who tries to teach you something: he visits people in the field and provides them with tips, in addition he tries to show you things from a closer perspective. He is open to requests from the group and tries to 'polder' in this if possible, provided that the group interest does not suffer. He is in for a joke, but also points out to the group its own responsibility, such as addressing people about behaviour.
The locations offered a mix of sea, culture and nature, something for everyone. The accommodation was nice location and with a great breakfast. There was good feedback in the photo reviews and it's good to see the work of others. You learn from that!”


Tiengemeten workshop

On Saturday 9 April I attended the 1 day workshop Tiengemeten with Charles. The goal was to learn to see in a "challenging" landscape the way the camera looks. We were given plenty of time for this, which made it possible to look a little deeper than the first superficial look. Charles also took us to a number of beautiful locations on the island and various photo technical subjects and tips were discussed during shooting. All in all a pleasant and instructive day, in any case I will leave with a completely different view of Tiengemeten.



Workshop Tiengemeten “Looking is not yet seeing”

Charles guided 7 photographers of different levels on the apparently boring island of Tiengemeten. After a short piece of theory about 'seeing' and composition we went out. During the day, Charles showed us what to pay attention to in order to achieve a good composition, and he supported us as needed. A great workshop in a great atmosphere. And luckily the weather was good too.



Workshop  it's all right, have a great day  your role fits you perfectly. Nothing more to change.


I had a great weekend at Tiengemeten. We had a nice (compact) group of participants and Charles and Yvonne supervised everything excellently. What struck me was the relaxed attitude of Charles, he is able to calm stressed photographers and just learn to watch. That is not given to everyone. The location was fantastic! Beautiful farm with the Scottish Highlanders on the dike in front of the door. I am attaching some images. Of course I made many more but I haven't looked at them all yet. Nevertheless, I think that these photos give an idea of what is photographically possible on Tiengemeten.


HuangShan, China

The trip to the Yellow Mountains and Yangshuo was the second with Nordic Vision. And just like the first trip (Northern Ireland) this was an unforgettable experience from day 1 to the last day.

The memory of the Sea of Clouds cannot be expressed in words. Also the beautiful pictures that we all have made can only partly show how impressive this area is, even when it is sunny.

I will never forget the thousands of steps!! They were quite a challenge.

The following week in Yangshuo was also great. I especially enjoyed the bike rides through the valley along the river and through the villages. The fact that we had a very nice group with a lot of humor also contributed to the fun in this trip.

The guidance from Charles was excellent, help and directions where useful and needed. Yvonne did the organization perfectly without a doubt.  It probably won't have been my last trip with Nordic Vision.”



“The trip was great. Charles' guidance was excellent, both in dealing and communication highly recommended.  I really liked that there was also some space for an extra trip to the 9 dragon waterfall. It was an extra experience for me that I would not have wanted to miss. I will definitely try to make another trip with you, plenty of ideas for that.”


“I went along as a real amateur photographer because my husband liked it when I went along and also because Charles had said that this trip was also interesting for the non-fanatic photographer. The latter was certainly the case and because of the enthusiasm of the 'real' photographers I gradually became more fanatical than usual. It's a good combination, Yellow Mountains and Yangshuo with Shanghai in between. We had a lot of fog which made it very difficult to take spectacular photos, but I was never bored for a moment. Yangshuo and the Karst Mountains provided all kinds of interesting photo opportunities and fun trips were organised. The evening discussions were very helpful and I thought Charles did a good job. The Charles/Yvonne combination worked well. All in all I thought it was two interesting trips with both times a nice group.”


“I have returned from my trip to China and I had a very good time. I must say the travel and accommodation arrangements were very good, well thought out, and went with out a hitch. Everyone took the trouble to speak to me in English, and were very kind. The places we visited were a good variety, it is a trip I would recommend to others. Pleases ensure both Charles and Yvonne are thanked for the trouble they went to.
The joy of traveling is not only the places you see, but the people you meet, I was truly blessed.”



(in conjunction with Yangshuo)

“The trip to China was a great experience. China had been on my list for a long time, but I never felt like a “normal” tour. This photo tour is a perfect combination of seeing (a piece of) China and taking pictures at your leisure. The guidance of Charles (photographic) and Yvonne (organizational) provides an excellent setting for the trip.”


We really enjoyed our trip to China. For us it was extra exciting, because we have never gone on an organized trip in our lives. We had already heard nice stories about Nordic Vision from other members of our photo club, who have been on the road with you. Our expectations have been more than fulfilled and we will certainly tell you about our trip and Nordic Vision with great enthusiasm.  


Although Nordic Vision focuses on nature trips, in our opinion, China lends itself perfectly to a combination with architecture, culture, festivities, etc. We were therefore happy with the trip set out by Charles and Yvonne, in which a combination of different elements was made.  


Personally, I think that if you can make a trip in combination with a (photographic) special event, a festival, etc. can make the trip even more special. Often these are things that you remember for a long time. I also think that you can then attract and/or reach a wider audience.  


The trip was well taken care of and in that regard no comments or remarks. Despite the fact that the rice always came last, the fun didn't spoil. By the way, we really liked the humor of our tour guide or rather our photo guide. We remain curious about the game and hope to experience what we have missed in another journey.  


We were glad the trip went ahead despite the small group. I do think that if the group would have been a little bigger, you would learn more from each other during the photo discussions.  


Finally: Charles and Yvonne thank you again for your efforts, enthusiasm and excellent guidance during our holiday. 

Anker 8
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