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business card charles borsboom
business card charles borsboom

My new calling card, the metaphorical sense

At a certain time the box is empty and you have to have new business cards printed. A great time to rethink the design.

Business cards are very old and were already used in various forms in the Middle Ages; think for example of wax seals. A strikingly large calling card was the shield. First people indicated with stripes, and later with all kinds of representations, who they were.

The front of my 'new style' business card contains most of the relevant information and my company logo. This logo is a stylized variant of the so-called bayer filter. A Bayer filter is a regular square grid of red, green and blue ( RGB ) color filters used for digital image sensors . Incidentally, in the Fujifilm cameras I use nowadays, a sensor with a completely different color pattern is used.

The back of the card has been drastically modified. I have opted for two eye-catching image elements.


First, the spiral. This spiral represents the 'golden ratio' and is one of the composition elements in the visual arts. The golden ratio can be described mathematically with the Fibonacci series. However, this series is not just 'dry' math. It occurs in many places in everyday nature .

The second element on my business card is the tree in the center. Here, too, a mathematical story can be kept.

"Recursion is the process that undergoes a procedure if part of this procedure involves re-executing the entire same procedure".

Or simply put; recursion refers to anything that refers to itself at any given time. The tree is symbolic of this. Each 'branch' is a repetition of the 'mother branch'.

Recursivity is also a phenomenon that occurs in nature in many forms .

For me, the design of the business card is the combination of my (former) affinity with mathematics and my contemporary affinity with (nature) photography.

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