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Keeping track of all media channels is quite a task nowadays. More or less current issues that should end up on a news page appear to be weeks if not months behind in my case. For that reason, the news page of yesteryear has made way for three links to my social media channels.

Also not all equally active but at least a bit more dynamic and therefore more current than the news page here on my website has ever been.

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---------,Dec 2012

​ An enormously beautiful experience to experience how safe you can feel in a metropolis like Beijing, how varied and impressive nature is in China, how rich the culture is, to experience that enormous contradictions can sometimes be found within a few square kilometers. Napret is a fact through the photos, which I am very satisfied with.Success!

---------,Dec 2012

​ A great trip to really experience a piece of China. Due to the experience of the tour guide and the background knowledge regarding culture, I have the idea that I have been really close to the Chinese themselves. It was very exciting and varied, and certainly super fun.

---------,Dec 2012

​ Was an enormous experience, and enthusiastic tour guide and good guidance.

---------,Dec 2012

​ I went to China inexperienced. But what I have seen in 10 days, the city of Beijing with its highlights and the beautiful surroundings of Yangshuo, gives me a good picture of the country and the people of China. It was a fantastic photo workshop with good guidance from Lucy and Charles.

Katrien, Beijing, July 2012

​ Through another participant I heard of Charles's photography program in Beijing. For me it was a unique opportunity to follow a photography course in Beijing organized by a European professional photographer. Last June I participated in two of the courses, as I have a very fancy digital SLR camera, and only using the automatic button. Afterwards I really understand why there were so many people enthusiastic about Charles's courses. He made me use all kind of option in a split second, where I even understand what I was doing.


His approach is a combination of theory and practice. Before taking any pictures Charles spend time explaining some theory. Even if you think you know you it all you will learn a lot, and if you need to start from scratch, Charles has a lot of patience in explaining the details. The surroundings where we took pictures were very inspiring; within 1 hour I made the most beautiful pictures just by following Charles' guidance. After a full day making pictures, we spend the last 2 hours evaluating the pictures on composition, used aperture, light balance, etc. I was very glad I booked two days in total, as this gave me the opportunity to bring the outcome of the evaluation in practice the next day.  


If you have free time in an afternoon, a weekend day or just during the week, I would really recommend this course. 

Lucy, Beijing, June 2012

​ I  took two workshops with Charles in Beijing and they were both completely different but equally enjoyable, informative and challenging. From a very unusual and stunning location to the daily Chinese street life, we learned and practiced how to take the best pictures in different typical situations in a relaxed yet professional way. His expertise and local knowledge are of great value to the workshops. I had two fun days in which I've definitely improved my photography skills a great deal !

Agneet, Yangshuo, April 2012

​ With great pleasure I followed the 6-day photography course in Yangshou. Charles is not only a creative and enthusiastic photographer, but is also good at transferring the theory and practice of the trade. In addition, he is a guide for whom the area is well known. He knows how to find all special places. I have learned a lot and since then enjoy taking beautiful pictures more.

Anja, Beijing, April 2012

​ No nonsense workshop, small groups, useful tips to make better shots!No nonsense workshop, small groups, useful tips to make better shots!

James, Yangshuo, April 2012

​ Things i liked during my one-day workshop in Yangshuo• Practical hands on workshop, getting out into the field• Good real world tips and advice• Locations were mostly good, however one area had changed a lot since you last went so it was a little bit of let down• Friendly and approachable teaching style• I liked looking at the way you took shots, it gave me ideas and pointers on how to improve.

Arie, Beijing, April 2012

​ In April I followed the workshop because I have been working with an SLR camera again for a year and wanted to learn more about the possibilities of my camera and also the technique of taking good photos. The workshop started with a PowerPoint presentation about how to do something. photographing and from which angle you can best approach the object, the program that Charles uses for editing his photos is Adobe Lightroom and he also gave a demonstration of it, I was very impressed with it and have since purchased it and work with it.After the presentation we went to take pictures in a nearby Hutong and once we got back they discussed and commented extensively, later in the afternoon we drove to the Olympic Forest to take pictures and discuss techniques .Three days later I did another course, we drove to Beijing Wonderland, which is a never-finished amusement park on Badaling Gao su north of Chang Ping, d The semi-finished or partially finished structures give you great opportunities to take separate photos and here I also learned a lot more about the exposure settings of my camera.  We also discussed these photos afterwards. It were two very instructive days! Thank you Charles!

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