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General conditions workshops by Photography Charles Borsboom

Photography Charles Borsboom: legal person who offers workshops, courses and / or travel.
Participant: a natural or legal person who registers to participate in a workshop, course or trip of Photography Charles Borsboom.
Workshop: a workshop, course or trip that is carried out and realized by Photography Charles Borsboom.

These General Terms and Conditions apply to agreements with regard to workshops between Photography Charles Borsboom and Participant, even after the termination of an agreement, unless the parties have explicitly deviated from these conditions in writing.

Sign up and conclude an agreement
By registering for a workshop, an agreement is concluded between Participant and Photography Charles Borsboom. After registration, Participant will receive a confirmation of participation.

When registering for a workshop, the price as stated at the time of registration on the website of Photography Charles Borsboom applies. The description of the workshop includes what is included in the price.
If VAT is applicable to a workshop, the stated price includes the applicable VAT rate. The price will be adjusted in the event of changes in the VAT regime and / or the level of the applicable VAT rates.

Cancel by Participant
Participant can cancel free of charge up to 8 weeks before the start of the workshop.
If canceled up to 4 weeks before the start, 50% of the workshop amount must be paid.
In case of later cancellation, the entire workshop amount is due. Photography Charles Borsboom will endeavor to find a replacement. Photography Charles Borsboom will also endeavor to limit costs at third parties that have already been made or are yet to be incurred.
In all cases, the participant can also arrange for a replacement.

Move and cancel by Photography Charles Borsboom
Photography Charles Borsboom reserves the right to move a workshop to another date up to three days before the start of the workshop. Participant will be informed immediately, including the new workshop date. Participant is then entitled to cancel participation free of charge.
Photography Charles Borsboom reserves the right to cancel it no later than three days before the start of the workshop. Participant will be informed immediately. If Photography Charles Borsboom cancels a workshop, Participant will receive a full refund of the amount already paid for the workshop.

Invoicing and payment
(Immediately) after registration Participant will receive an invoice with the price of the workshop. The invoice must be paid within the term set on the invoice.
If the Participant does not pay or does not pay on time, the costs resulting from this for Photography Charles Borsboom are for the Participant. These costs include all legal and extrajudicial costs.

Changes to Terms and Conditions
In the event of changes to the General Terms and Conditions, the old terms and conditions will continue to apply to existing agreements.

Participation in a workshop is at your own risk. Photography Charles Borsboom is not liable for damage, theft, injury or accident caused to the Participant, regardless of the cause or negligence that might have arisen.

Disputes and applicable law
In the event of disputes between Participant and Photography Charles Borsboom will attempt to find a solution in mutual consultation.
Dutch law applies to the agreement.

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